Toy Hauler (Forest River XLR et Sunset Park Rush)

VR 2021

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    Bring your toys with youwith the Forest River XLR and Sunset Park Rush

    When you're on the road with your motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, or other toys, you need a combined transport and life experience that meets all of your needs. A cargo trailer brings it all together and lets you have fun. The Forest River XLR and Sunset Park Rush provide both the living space and the transport space you need for the perfect getaway. They give you the solid frame and smooth ride you need to stay confident on the road.

      Forest River XLR features:

    • A 30 gallon outdoor gas station
    • 5000 pound D-rings
    • Fully digital instrument panel and steering wheel controls
    • Beautiful living space with 5,000 BTU fireplace
    • 35,000 ducted furnaces
      The Sunset Park Rush includes:

    • Rear door up to 86 '' available
    • Loading length up to 13'2"
    • Dinette table, sofa and more in the living space
    • Lightweight handling with exceptional reliability