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RV Care
RV Care

What is Rv Care?

RV CARE is a network of leading RV dealers across Canada who help each other serve their customers.


When you travel to an RV that you have purchased from a dealer in the network, you will be treated as a family member by all these dealers. Just like in a family, if you have a problem or need help, the RV Care Dealer will give you the highest priority and the best possible service so you can get back on the road and enjoy your trip. It will even help you find a place where you can receive any other specialized service you may need.


RV Care Dealers are required to adhere to a rigorous set of criteria such as operating a most comprehensive maintenance and repair shop, managing a store with a large selection of parts, hiring of qualified technicians. These dealers also follow a code of ethics that guarantees respect and professionalism. You will find the Code of Ethics and Service Policy on the RV Care website. (www.rvcare.ca)

An RV Career Dealer ...
A familiar face in a remote area!

Why buy from a RV Care Dealer?

  • Support from a network of RV dealers
  • First class service from all dealers in the network.
  • Products Rv Traveler's choice and Rv Care are of the highest quality available on the market and at the best price

Rv Care dealers offer courteous service and care for their customers!

* You can download the free Rv Care app to find the nearest dealer when you're traveling. (available in English only)